Shop at Mariposa to support workers’ rights

In honor of May Day and workers’ rights, Mariposa will be donating 5% of our sales on Monday, May 1 to the Popular Alliance for Undocumented Workers' Rights (PAUWR).

Who is PAUWR?

May Day National Strike

The Popular Alliance for Undocumented Workers' Rights advocates for justice, equality, and dignity for undocumented restaurant workers by raising public awareness and educating workers to achieve fair immigration laws and policies.

Co-owners of South Philly Barbacoa, Cristina Martinez and Ben Miller, are leading the charge to change the law to allow undocumented immigrants an easier path to getting immigration status. Miller said that undocumented workers often can’t speak up about working conditions for fear of being fired or deported.

Learn more about PAUWR and the May 1 General Strike.

Why are we donating?

May Day International Workers Day

May Day, or International Workers’ Day, celebrates workers’ rights and commemorates the Haymarket affair of 1886. What started as a peaceful protest demanding 8 hour workdays and safe working conditions in Chicago, the strike turned deadly when seven officers and four activists were killed due to rising tensions between police and protesters. Eight activists were eventually sentenced to death, though little evidence was provided of their conviction.

As a cooperatively-owned grocery store, Mariposa recognizes the importance and necessity of fighting for workers’ rights. To participate in the national strike, Mariposa has opted to stay open to serve our community while donating 5% of our sales to PAUWR.