Product Guidelines

Mariposa is committed to providing our owners and shoppers with healthy, quality products at an affordable price. The products on our shelves are carefully selected based on quality of ingredients, environmental impact, and cost. Our purchasing department makes a concerted effort to carry cooperatively-owned, fairly traded, organic, and locally produced products.

Customer Service

We believe in providing great service throughout your shopping experience. From the moment you walk through our doors, our friendly associates are willing and able to help you find the items on your shopping list, grab those hard to reach items and answer any questions you may have.



Our produce department is widely recognized in the community for its fresh and affordable fruits and veggies. While staples like apples and tomatoes are stocked year round, our produce department reflects the current season. Most of our produce is organic, locally grown, or both!



Whether you’re looking to create a cheese plate for an upcoming party or stocking up on sliced cheese for the week, our cheese department is sure to meet your needs. Find imported cheese, such as Parmigiano Reggiano and Danish Blue, next to local favorites from Hillacres and Kirchenberg.



Health isn’t just about the food you eat. Find organic and holistic health and beauty items, including soaps, lotions, detergents, vitamins, essential oils, and more. Reference our resource guide in store while you shop.


We pride our bakery on our fresh and local products. Grab a bagel in the morning or a loaf of bread for the week. Vegan and gluten free options are available, too.



Eggs, yogurt, kefir, butter - we got it. Local, organic, and vegan products are widely available.

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General Merchandise

We’re your one stop shop! Find home goods and gifts like candles, greeting cards, and Mariposa merch for you or your favorite cooperator.


Our grocery department is stocked with an assortment of everyday essentials, organic, non GMO, and those hard-to-find products for all dietary needs or restrictions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Owners can special order thousands of products that are not regularly available on our shelves.



Find frozen staples, like Annie’s frozen dinners and frozen fruits and veggies, alongside local favorites, like Weckerly’s ice cream.


Meat & Seafood

Quality is the biggest factor when selecting our meat and seafood vendors. Our meats are locally and regionally sourced. Our seafood section features several wild caught and sustainably harvested options.



Grab a pinch or a pound, buying bulk helps you save at the Co-op. Bring your own container* or use a  provided container to shop grains, pasta, flours, dried herbs and fruits, coffee and tea, even oils and vinegars. Before you check out, remember to write down the PLU code.

*Please ask a cashier to weigh your container before you fill it to ensure the correct price.