When you join Mariposa Food Co-op, you become an owner of our community-owned grocery store. Each owner has a voice and vote in decisions regarding Mariposa’s future as well as many other benefits.

Your $200 equity payment is a one-time investment that contributes to the financial health of Mariposa. New owners may pay the full equity amount upon joining or adhere to one of the following payment plans:

  • $25 every three months until you reach $200.

  • $50, $75, or more to start and $25 (or more) every three months until you reach $200

  • Join using the Mariposa Ownership Fund - check to see if you qualify!

Once you make your first equity payment, you will begin receiving the benefits of Mariposa ownership. Should you move or decide to leave the Co-op, your equity is fully refundable, however, the Co-op reserves the right to withhold refunds to protect its financial viability.

Sign up in store or begin the process online.