Mariposa Celebrates Co-op Month!

October is Co-op month, and it’s our favorite time of year! Co-op month celebrates all the benefits cooperative businesses bring to the local economy and their communities. This year, we have some fun giveaways, raffles, and more to say thank you for being a part of Mariposa and to invite you to share in our celebration!


New Member-Owners

The first 50 people who join Mariposa in October will receive a free Co-op Month special edition bulk bag! Designed to keep you shopping plastic-free, these bags are perfect for shopping our extensive bulk section or even for loose produce. You may even get lucky and find a gift card in your bulk bag!

All new member-owners will be entered to win one of a few raffles including a gift basket from Equal Exchange or coffee from Philly Fair Trade.

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Current Member-Owners

We couldn’t be where we are today without all of our existing member-owners! Each week, we’ll select member-owners at random to receive Co-op swag and other gifts as a thank you for your continued support of cooperative values at Mariposa. 

Additionally, those who refer a new member-owner to signup will receive $10 of account credit! Make sure your friend or family member writes your name on their application when they fill it out. 

Philadelphia Grocery Co-op Day - October 19th

Join Mariposa, Weaver’s Way, Kensington, South Philly, and Swarthmore Food Co-ops as we celebrate the inaugural Philly Grocery Co-op Day. On October 19th, we’ll celebrate the food cooperatives of Philadelphia and their impact on the local food economy. Visit Mariposa and any of the other co-ops for local vendor demos, sampling, deals on select local products, and a chance to win prizes! 

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Spiced Winter Squash Bread

Fall is finally here! Jump right in using delicious, seasonal ingredients for a twist on classic pumpkin bread. Squash is so moist and flavorful that a bread like this doesn't need much fat to taste rich. This is perfect right out of the oven, or sliced and toasted the next day.


Total Time:  1 hour 20 minutes
Servings:  12


  • 1 1/2 cups whole wheat pastry flour

  • 1 cup unbleached flour

  • 1 teaspoon baking soda

  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon, optional

  • 1/2 teaspoon allspice

  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

  • 1 cup butternut squash, pureed* (prepared in advance)

  • 1 cup brown sugar

  • 2 large eggs

  • 1/2 cup yogurt

  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Oil a loaf pan. In a large bowl, stir together flours, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg.

  2. In a medium bowl, whisk the squash puree, brown sugar, eggs, yogurt and oil until smooth. Pour the squash mixture into the dry mixture and stir just until combined.

  3. Scrape the batter into the loaf pan. Bake loaf for 50-60 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center of the loaf comes out with no batter on it. Cool on rack for at least 10 minutes before slicing. When completely cool, wrap tightly and store in the refrigerator for up to a week.

* Squash Puree

  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.

  2. Halve the squash, scoop out the seeds, and place it cut side down on an oiled sheet pan.

  3. Roast at 400°F until tender when pierced with a paring knife.

  4. With a metal spoon, scrape out the cooked flesh and puree in a blender or food processor or mash with a potato masher until smooth.

Authored by Robin Asbell. Reprinted with permission by

Important Information on Temporary Closing in July

This month, we will be installing new shelving units and undergoing a storewide deep clean to improve the overall shopping experience at Mariposa Food Co-op. We call this a “store reset.”

UPDATE, 7/5/19: Along with getting new shelves and the deep cleaning, we’ll also be updating our product selection to bring on lots of new items, revamping pricing, switching up placement and much more!

Prior to the reset, member-owners + shoppers will be able to take advantage of our Friends & Family sale which means an EXTRA 20% OFF the entire store on 7/15 + 7/16 (special orders will not be taken at this time) so you can stock up while we’re closed.

We will have special hours of operations during the week of Monday, July 15. Please see below.

Our hours* during the store reset are as follows:

  • Mon., July 15, 8 am - 10 pm (normal hours)

  • Tues., July 16, 8 am - 7 pm (early closing)

  • Wed., July 17, Closed

  • Thurs., July 18, Closed

  • Fri., July 19, 8 am - 10 pm (normal hours)

*subject to change pending equipment delivery

We’re excited to re-open for y’all as a new + improved store! As always, we thank you for choosing us as your community-owned grocer.

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 215-729-2121.


Sustainably Savvy - Tips for zero-waste shopping at Mariposa


April is Earth Month and it’s a great time to learn how to live more sustainably all year round! At Mariposa, it’s easy to take steps to reduce your packaging while you shop.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Shop our bulk Section

Use our extensive bulk section to purchase coffee, beans, grains, tea, spices, snacks, oils, nuts, body care, and more package-free! Bring your own reusable container to fill up on your favorites by following these easy steps:

  1. If you have not indicated the weight of your container yet, bring it to the register so our cashiers can tell you how much it weighs. Make sure to write it down for next time!

  2. Find your favorite bulk goods and fill up as much or as little as you need.

  3. Write down the four digit code, or PLU number, to identify which product you purchased.

  4. Cashiers will weigh your product minus the container weight and you’ll be on your way with instant savings on your shopping bill AND your carbon footprint!

Don’t have any reusable containers? We sell some right in the bulk section so you can start your collection.

Bring your own bag

Shop with reusable bags and keep them in a spot you’ll remember them when you go grocery shopping. If you forget yours at home or want to add another to your collection, we sell compact Mariposa chico bags and reusable canvas bags at our registers!

If you use our paper bags, they can be a great addition to your compost buckets.

IMG_3027 2.jpg

Skip the plastic produce bags

A great way to reduce your waste is to avoid using the plastic produce bags whenever you can. Citrus, bananas, melons, root veggies, & more can go bagless since they already have nature’s protective packaging. If you are looking to bag our greens, mushrooms, or other loose produce, use an earth-friendly produce bag sold in the produce section.


Shop reusable

We have several products to help you live zero-waste outside of grocery shopping. Check out our hot beverage cups, water filters, reusable water bottles, lunch boxes, reusable coffee filters, and loose leaf tea filters near our registers.


Return your glass milk bottle


Try buying milk in glass bottles from Trickling Springs Creamery. You’ll pay a bottle deposit and get that money back when you return the empty bottle at the registers. They’ll reuse these bottles again and again!

Get creative with would-be veggie scraps

Looking for more ways to reduce food waste once you have brought all these ingredients home? Check out this comprehensive guide to using often-rejected veggie scraps such as kale stems, apple peels, and radish greens.


Compost whatever you can’t use


Did you know that Mariposa composts its produce waste? Composting is easy even if you don’t have space for your own compost tumbler. We sell kitchen compost buckets and liners that you can use to get started. Contact local experts, Bennett Compost to drop off and pick up a bucket for your weekly food scraps. Don’t forget that you can compost Mariposa’s paper bags and cardboard egg cartons!

Looking to start your own backyard compost pile? Learn more about composting at home!

Celebrating cooperation, community, and our birthday in March!

March is always a busy time at the Co-op! We celebrate our birthday (48 this year!!) and hold our Board elections meeting -- the most important meeting of the year. It’s a time for us to celebrate our member-owners and also welcome new folks! So what’s going on at Mariposa in March 2019?


To start, we are having a new member drive all month! It’s a great time for folks to join the Co-op! We’ll be giving out goodie bags filled with some of our favorite products (Dr. Bronners, Nature’s Path, Equal Exchange, and more!) to the first 25 people who join. And for those who join after that, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win some awesome gift baskets. Current member-owners: When you refer your friends, get $5 of credit on your account!

And if you need even MORE of a reason to join, Owner Discount Days is coming up from Monday, March 4th - Friday, March 8th! All member-owners receive 10% off their purchases plus an additional 10% off special orders placed that week.

Jamila Medley - Executive Director of PACA

Jamila Medley - Executive Director of PACA

But, most importantly, member-owners will have the chance to vote on the 2019-2020 Board of Delegates. Though we love to promote some of our in-store perks like special order discounts and Owner Deals, being part of Mariposa’s democratic process is what sets us apart from traditional grocery stores and brings us closer to our community.

At our elections meeting on Sunday, March 17th 12pm-2pm at Cedar Works (4919 Pentridge St.), get to know the passionate staff and member-owners who want to represent you! We’ll have Jamila Medley from Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA) in attendance to talk about their work in supporting the co-op community, and lunch will be provided by Atiya Ola’s Spirit First Foods. Plus, we’ll provide a whole bunch of samples from some Co-op favorites like Valley Milk House and Calkins Creamery. Voting will open after the meeting online and in-store and will run from March 17th - March 31st.


But that’s not all! Here are some of the other great things happening this month:

  • Monday, March 4th - Mariposa Board meeting. All member-owners are welcome to attend. 6:30pm-9:00pm at Cedar Works (4919 Pentridge St).

  • Tuesday, March 12th - Mariposa orientation. All member-owners, new and current are welcome to join. Not a member-owner yet? That’s ok, too! Come on in and learn about co-op history, member-owner benefits, and more. Snacks are provided and first-time attendees will receive a 10% working discount for a month. 6pm-7:30pm at Cedar Works.

  • Wednesday, March 20th - Eating Right When Your Budget’s Tight with Cooking Alchemy. Make your dollar stretch at our free cooking workshop where you’ll learn how to shop using our affordable Co-op Basics list and receive hands-on training on how to prepare a nutritious meal for yourself or your family. Workshop includes demonstration & meal tasting! Optional store tour to follow. 6pm-8pm at Cedar Works.

  • All month - The Round-up for Change recipient in March is OneArt Community Center, an art center & urban farm in West Philly. Round-up your shopping bill to the nearest dollar and the change will be donated!


Uplifting Black Voices, Black Leaders & Black Businesses

This month (and throughout the year), we encourage our community to support black-owned businesses and black-led movements and leaders, based here in Philadelphia and abroad. At Mariposa, we carry an array of products from brands like Alaffia, Nubian Heritage, Yadain (based in Germantown), Dodah’s Kitchen, and more that employ, pay fair-wages to, and empower black people throughout the world.


As a food co-op, we know that there is still work to be done in uprooting all forms of oppression against black people in this country and around the world. We will continue to focus our efforts on dismantling those systems as your neighborhood grocer.

North Philly Peace Park

North Philly Peace Park

In celebration of Black History Month, we, the POC/Black and Brown Workers Caucus at Mariposa Food Co-op, have unanimously voted to select two Philly-based, black-led farms to receive 5% of the Co-op’s sales from Sunday, February 24. We want to financially support groups who are at the forefront of the food justice and food sovereignty movements in Philly.

We are honored to have chosen both North Philly Peace Park and LIFE DO GROW Farm to receive these funds!



In Cooperation,

POC/Black & Brown Workers Caucus


Game Day Snacks for Everyone!

Looking for some Game Day snacks ideas? We compiled a list crowd-pleasing dishes that work for different diets and budgets. Hungry for even more ideas? Check out this great collection of co-op approved Game Day recipes and guides!

Avocado herb dip

Avocado herb dip

The classics (with a twist!)

Avocado herb dip: Easy enough to whip up to feed a crowd of any size.

Artichoke and spinach dip: A slightly kicked up version of the classic!

Black bean taquitos

Black bean taquitos


Chipotle black bean dip: Serve with tortilla chips, or use as base for a seven-layer dip or taco salad.

Black bean taquitos: Make for a delicious lunch, dinner or appetizer.

Parmesan-crusted green beans

Parmesan-crusted green beans


Spicy sweet potato wedges with jalapeño sour cream: Great as a party snack!

Parmesan-crusted green beans: These green bean “fries” are great as a snack or served along with sandwiches.

Beet pesto crostini

Beet pesto crostini


Beet pesto crostini: Beautiful, tasty, and keeps for a few days refrigerated.

Cantaloupe salsa: Perfect for a taste of summer!

Chorizo and avocado salsa

Chorizo and avocado salsa


Avocado hummus chicken sliders: Easy to make and a definite crowd-pleaser.

Chorizo and avocado salsa: Spice up your party (or just an afternoon snack!).

Peach strawberry bruschetta

Peach strawberry bruschetta

Sweet tooth

Tropical popcorn balls: Macadamia nuts and coconut give them a delightful twist.

Peach strawberry bruschetta: Simple and elegant, this mouthwatering appetizer is a cinch to make.

Your Mariposa Winter Citrus Guide

Citrus fruits are the perfect way to brighten up a cold, dark winter day and there’s a whole world of citrus beyond your average orange or lemon. Use this guide to learn more and decide which is right for you!


Blood Orange

Sweet and tangy with a signature red hue. Perfect for salads, dressings, and sauces!

Here’s a tasty Blood orange kale salad recipe!

Cara Cara Orange

With pinkish orange flesh, Cara Caras are sweeter and less acidic than your average orange. Great for a snack or to brighten up a salad.



Ultra sweet, easy to peel, usually seedless, and cute! A cross between a sweet orange and a Chinese mandarin orange, clementines pack a ton of flavor and nutrition into one tidy package.

Try this Quinoa salad recipe featuring clementines!

Satsuma Mandarin

Easy to peel and usually seedless, these oranges have a complex flavor that is much better fresh than in the can. The zest is great for baking.


Meyer Lemon

These are a hybrid between a mandarin and a standard lemon. They have orange skin and a much sweeter, less tangy taste than your average lemon. They are great for cocktails, desserts, and vinaigrettes if you are looking for a unique taste.

Yummmm, Lemon bars!



Pomelos are the largest of the cultivated citrus fruits and while they are related to grapefruits, they don’t have the usual bitter taste and are instead very sweet. Cut away the thick rind and enjoy in segments.



Candy, preserve, or eat them whole! Kumquats are the perfect snacking fruit because of their bite size. They are sweet on the outside, tart on the inside and make a great winter treat.

Minneola Tangelo


Seedless and easy to peel, Minneolas make a good choice for lunchboxes or snacks on-the-go. The sweet, intense flavor of tangerines comes through in a tangelo but is tempered by the tart and tangy, flowery taste of grapefruit .

Try coconut shrimp with tangelo salsa!

Mariposa’s 2018 Year in Review

As 2018 comes to a close, we take a look back with gratitude on all that we have accomplished over the year, through the lens of the seven guiding cooperative principles. Overall, we think we did pretty well, and we’re excited to challenge ourselves to bring even more to the store and the neighborhood in 2019.

We are thankful for the hard work our staff puts in to bring local, nutritious food to our shelves, and we are thankful for YOU, our member-owners and shoppers, and your dedication to supporting cooperative values in our West Philadelphia community.

So, what happened at Mariposa in 2018?


We turned 47! Don’t we look good?

Principle 1: Voluntary and Open Membership

We welcomed over 300 new member-owners!

Principle 2: Democratic Member Control


Member-owners elected a new Board. We welcomed Nidhi, Rachelle, Hannah Jo, and Kaila!

Our next elections will take place in March!

Are you interested in learning more about the Board or even running? Board meetings are open to all member-owners, and occur on the first Monday of every month at The Cedar Works (4919 Pentridge St.) from 6:30pm-9pm.

The next meeting is Monday, January 7th. Please contact with any questions.

Principle 3: Member Economic Participation

This past spring, we shared our profits from 2017, and distributed $52,664.63 in patronage refunds! Member-owners redeemed $48,821.46.

$2,000 of the remaining patronage is going to Round-Up for Change matching, while member-owners voted to donate the rest of the remaining funds to:

Principle 4: Autonomy and Independence


As a food co-op, we are controlled by our member-owners and not outside investors. When we moved to 4824 Baltimore Ave. back in 2012, we could not have done so without the help and generosity of member loans from our co-op community.

This year, we returned 17 member loans in the amount of $103,000 with interest of $21,885 for a total of $124,885.

Principle 5: Education, Training, and Information

We re-introduced member-owner orientation!

In August, we started doing monthly orientations for new member-owners and current member-owners, alike! We have had so much fun talking about co-ops, benefits, and meeting the community. The next date for orientation is January 8th at the Cedar Works.

Principle 6 and 7: Cooperation Among Cooperatives and Concern For The Community

We have donated over $35,000 to more than 60 local and cooperative organizations!


Included in this is a donation of 5% of our sales for Monday-Thursday of Thanksgiving week to We are the Seeds. Seeds is a Philly-based charitable organization, founded and led by four indigenous women, "whose mission is to uplift and center Indigenous voices through the arts. Seeds [is] dedicated to educating the world about art and culture as it relates to understanding Indigenous people, the history of the United States, and who we all are as American people today."


We also became a proud supporter of the start-up South Philly Food Co-op with a donation of $10,000 to their Capital Campaign to help them open in 2019!

In September, we introduced Round-Up for Change! Round up your shopping bill to the nearest dollar and we’ll donate the change to a new organization in Philly each month!

Food Access at Mariposa


We signed up over 100 people for our Food For All discount and distributed over $8,000 in equity subsidies from the Mariposa Owner Fund, since September 2017.

We finished off our pilot year of Food For All and were able to open the program up for more member-owners to receive the 10% off need-based discount.

Interested in signing up? Know a friend who would benefit? Sign up in-store or download the application online.

Celebrating International Women's Day

On International Women's Day, we celebrate the achievements of women throughout history and all over the world. To celebrate, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite women-owned businesses in Philadelphia and that sell to the Co-op. 

Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods


Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods has been a staple in the West Philadelphia community since 2008. She has also been a part of the Co-op since the early 90's, serving on the Board for a few terms and sourcing some of her ingredients from Mariposa. Her plant-based menu continues to serve delicious vegan and vegetarian meals at the new location, 310 S. 48th St.

Hair Vyce Studio


Hair Vyce, one of Mariposa's  Community Partners and next door neighbor, opened Fall 2013 on Baltimore Ave. In addition to helping people feel beautiful, Frenchie is active in the local community as the president of the Baltimore Ave Business Association. Frenchie  hires passionate individuals who take their work seriously and provides jobs, including jobs to teens, to the neighborhood.

Crust Vegan Bakery


Women-owned and operated, Crust is a vegan bakery and Mariposa favorite! Bakers Shannon and Meagan - the vegan baking queens of Philly - have been baking out of a local commissary kitchen since August 2015. Crust baked goods are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Everything is hand-made with all natural ingredients and 100% vegan.



GladRags is a women-owned company with an emphasis on sustainability, waste-reduction, and body positivity. The XO Flo menstrual cup and cloth pads are focused on reusable comfort and saving folks money!



 Soom is a Philadelphia-based, certified Women-Owned company started by three hard working sisters who love to eat and value health and quality. They source their sesame seeds from the Humera region of Ethiopia and have been making tahini since 2013.

Cissé  Cocoa


Diana Lovett founded Cissé because of her love of chocolate. They practice social responsibility by sourcing cocoa from small-scale farmers and ensure they make a living wage.  They use Organic, Fair Trade Cocoa from the Dominican Republic to make the hot cocoa mixes we sell at Mariposa!