News Roundup March 3, 2017

West Philly History Map

People’s Emergency Center (PEC) and the Islamic Cultural Preservation and Information Council (ICPIC) create interactive historic map

West Philadelphia has often attracted national and international attention for its prominent role in our nation’s history. These neighborhoods west of the Schuylkill River have a rich cultural identity unique to the city of Philadelphia, making it a place of significance within a ‘city of firsts’.

This interactive map, a project of People’s Emergency Center (PEC) and the Islamic Cultural Preservation and Information Council (ICPIC) pinpoints sites of historic significance by both time and topic - ranging from the Lenape Indian in the 1600s to Malcom X and MLK in the 1960’s – up to the present day. Explore the map


Why Ambler Food Co-op is becoming a part of Weavers Way to open a community-owned grocery store

After five years of organizing as a start-up cooperative with the goal of opening its first community-owned grocery store in the Ambler area, Ambler Food Co-op (AFC) has found success as it works with Northwest Philadelphia-based cooperative Weavers Way to open a local Weavers Way store this July.

But while it may seem like a bittersweet victory — AFC will soon dissolve as an organization as its more-than 500 members voted unanimously Feb. 19 to transfer their memberships and assets to Weavers Way, as part of a partnership agreement — it’s evidence of how a co-op like AFC is willing to make the decisions that best benefit the community. Read more


10 things you should know about reentry in Philadelphia

It’s hard to find anyone who believes the criminal justice system is effective, and harder still to find someone who believes American prisons are doing a decent job of rehabilitating the people they house.

Yet, as much of a humanitarian crisis as mass incarceration is in the United States of America, an equally debilitating crisis is the one that follows.

What happens to incarcerated people when they are released from prison? Read more


Philadelphia gathering confronts health and water crisis

A People’s Assembly to “Confront Toxic Water & Hep C Crisis Threatening Lives of Mumia Abu-Jamal, other Prisoners and our Communities” was held on Feb. 18 in Philadelphia.

Contaminated water is plaguing prisoners in several prisons in Pennsylvania. The state is responsible for the health and welfare of people behind bars. But the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is refusing to provide clean water to prisoners that is not “dirty, brackish, turbid, even black” — as described in a grievance filed by Mumia Abu-Jamal, a political prisoner at State Correctional Institute Mahanoy. Read more


Just Announced: Porchfest returns to West Philly this June

Get your porches ready, people, because Porchfest is making a grand return to West Philly this summer on Saturday, June 3rd.

Porchfest organizer, Owen Lyman-Schmidt, first learned about the event concept when he accidentally took part in one in Massachusetts (for the full back story, click here.) After experiencing the incredible and lively community atmosphere, Lyman-Schmidt and his co-organizers knew they had to bring Porchfest to Philly. Read more