Celebrate our anniversary, donate to the Black & Brown Workers Collective

As Cooperative Principle #7 states, "cooperatives work for the sustainable development of communities through policies and programs accepted by the members." This is why we are celebrating our anniversary by hosting donation drives throughout the month of March.

Hand selected by Mariposa staff, each organization is important to the progression of our community. Donate at the register the next time you shop and check back each week to find more information about each organization.

Black & Brown Workers Collective 

March 1 - March 7

Total Donated: $3,321

Black and Brown Workers Collective

The Black and Brown Workers Collective (BBWC) is a direct action social justice entity that combats injustices manifested in both in and out of the non-profit organizational structure and in the broader community of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to actively challenge, resist and dismantle, those colonialist, white supremacist and oppressive systems that impact our lives as Black and Brown workers. 

Most importantly, we seek to create our own spaces where Black and Brown labor and community will define the value of their own work while setting roots in communities that establish black and brown owned enterprise and collectively run spaces. Our philosophy is rooted in decolonization practices and organizing methodologies.

Our mission stands at the intersection of both the Worker's Right's movement and the Black Lives Matter movement. We see these two movements as inextricably connected as the lives of Black and Brown workers and community members are valued differently in a raced and classed system. Finally, as descendants of Warrior African/Indigenous peoples, we see it as our responsibility to continue the legacy of fighting for our Liberation. 

As a collective we recognize that true radical transformational work will not be funded by the government, but rather supported by community members like you. Because government funded initiatives control what organized community members and collectives can do on the ground, we have decided not to accept government money that silences our voices and stops the People’s Movement.