News Roundup: October 7, 2016

Activists protest gay club following owner's racist remarks

The removal of Black Lives Matter protesters from a popular gar bar was the latest episode in a fast moving series of events in Philadelphia’s renowned Gayborhood.

On Thursday, the release of a video of Darryl DePiano, ICandy’s owner, repeatedly calling Black customers “niggers” drew the ire of the Black and Brown Workers Collective (BBWC). Protestors launched a protest inside the store, after video of owner's disparaging remarks about Blacks was disclosed. Read more. 

These data visuals show how Big Tobacco is impacting low-income communities

Back in January of 1990, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company was gearing up to test its flashy new brand of cigarettes in Philadelphia. Dubbed Uptown, the cigarettes would be marketed toward Black consumers — including young Black high schoolers.

The market test came to a halt when a coalition of organizations including the city’s Health Department and the Black clergy rallied around a resistance effort. It seemed like a big win at the time. Read more.

New community group offers help in processing traumatic current events

A new community discussion group hosted by Council for Relationships (CFR) held its first session on September 17 at its University City location at 4025 Chestnut Street. The public forum, titled “Reflections,” was created to provide a safe and supportive environment for those who have been emotionally impacted by troubling current events. Events may include local or global tragedies, mass killings, global warming, civil rights and other issues. This is an opportunity to share your feelings, listen to one another, and connect with others. Read more.