The Mariposa Co-okie


Grab the Mariposa Co-okie through the end of March while supplies last! Made by Crust Vegan Bakery specifically for our 45th Anniversary, the Mariposa Co-okie contains Crust's favorite vegan ingredients found at Mariposa. Spot the ingredients below in the book summary.

The adventure continues...


What is happening?

You notice your vision bleaching and unbleaching as you stagger through a reality that you no longer recognize. The Earth is coming unbalanced and all around you there are cookies within cookies inside Snackimals meta-reflecting at infinitum like mirrors set to face one another. You are bombarded by an equal exchange of images pretzeling around one another and chipping away at your psyche. Your head feels like it's filled with marshmallows as you stagger forward using the last of your energy, assuming you've reached the end of your existence.

And then you awaken. You shake off the memory of the dream, sweet as agave and still so clear in your brain. You roll out of bed and make a pot of coffee, but every color of life seems to be dulled after dreaming of a snack so vibrant.