Sustainably Savvy - Tips for zero-waste shopping at Mariposa


April is Earth Month and it’s a great time to learn how to live more sustainably all year round! At Mariposa, it’s easy to take steps to reduce your packaging while you shop.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Shop our bulk Section

Use our extensive bulk section to purchase coffee, beans, grains, tea, spices, snacks, oils, nuts, body care, and more package-free! Bring your own reusable container to fill up on your favorites by following these easy steps:

  1. If you have not indicated the weight of your container yet, bring it to the register so our cashiers can tell you how much it weighs. Make sure to write it down for next time!

  2. Find your favorite bulk goods and fill up as much or as little as you need.

  3. Write down the four digit code, or PLU number, to identify which product you purchased.

  4. Cashiers will weigh your product minus the container weight and you’ll be on your way with instant savings on your shopping bill AND your carbon footprint!

Don’t have any reusable containers? We sell some right in the bulk section so you can start your collection.

Bring your own bag

Shop with reusable bags and keep them in a spot you’ll remember them when you go grocery shopping. If you forget yours at home or want to add another to your collection, we sell compact Mariposa chico bags and reusable canvas bags at our registers!

If you use our paper bags, they can be a great addition to your compost buckets.

IMG_3027 2.jpg

Skip the plastic produce bags

A great way to reduce your waste is to avoid using the plastic produce bags whenever you can. Citrus, bananas, melons, root veggies, & more can go bagless since they already have nature’s protective packaging. If you are looking to bag our greens, mushrooms, or other loose produce, use an earth-friendly produce bag sold in the produce section.


Shop reusable

We have several products to help you live zero-waste outside of grocery shopping. Check out our hot beverage cups, water filters, reusable water bottles, lunch boxes, reusable coffee filters, and loose leaf tea filters near our registers.


Return your glass milk bottle


Try buying milk in glass bottles from Trickling Springs Creamery. You’ll pay a bottle deposit and get that money back when you return the empty bottle at the registers. They’ll reuse these bottles again and again!

Get creative with would-be veggie scraps

Looking for more ways to reduce food waste once you have brought all these ingredients home? Check out this comprehensive guide to using often-rejected veggie scraps such as kale stems, apple peels, and radish greens.


Compost whatever you can’t use


Did you know that Mariposa composts its produce waste? Composting is easy even if you don’t have space for your own compost tumbler. We sell kitchen compost buckets and liners that you can use to get started. Contact local experts, Bennett Compost to drop off and pick up a bucket for your weekly food scraps. Don’t forget that you can compost Mariposa’s paper bags and cardboard egg cartons!

Looking to start your own backyard compost pile? Learn more about composting at home!