Promotion of Bull Gervasi to Interim General Manager

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Bull Gervasi to the position of Interim General Manager from Nov. 2nd-April 30th. As many of you know Sam McCormick, our current Operations Coordinator, will be leaving Mariposa at the end of December. In anticipation of her departure from the Co-op the Board of Delegates, on recommendation from the Management Structure Committee, have hired Bull Gervasi as the Interim General Manager. He will bridge the gap between Sam’s departure and a longer-term Transitional General Manager who will begin in early spring to help us work toward a more cooperatively run store.

Bull has been a dedicated member at Mariposa Food Cooperative for 18 years, a staff member for 15 years, and was instrumental in transitioning the co-op into our new building in 2012. He has been working as the Produce and Facilities coordinator, and has consistently shown his passion and love for the store through his hard work and extensive knowledge of the operations of the Co-op.

In assuming his new duties as Interim General Manager Bull will oversee the overall management of the store. Bull will train with Sam McCormick for the next two months before taking on the full responsibility of his new position. Bull is serving a crucial role for the Co-op, and the Board of Delegates is both thankful and excited to have him step up as the Interim General Manager.

Please join us in extending our congratulations to Bull! We hope you all will be supportive of him as he assumes his new role. In addition, the Board acknowledges the many people who are stepping up to make this change possible. The Produce and Facilities roles that Bull is temporarily stepping out of are being filled internally by Meghan Dinneen in Produce and Rocky Font-Soloway in Facilities. Please take a few moments to extend your personal congratulations to them if you see them in the store. We are sure your kind words will be greatly appreciated!

Lastly, a huge thank you to the entire staff for all of your hard work. While no transition is easy it is a testament to all of your skills and effort that Mariposa has the talent on hand to help Bull step into this role. It is our honor and our joy, to be on this adventure with you to make Mariposa the best it can be.