News Roundup May 19, 2017

Philadelphia taxi co-op

Austin found a viable, socially conscious response to Uber and Lyft. Can Philly follow?

Early in 2017, even the most mildly woke millennial found themselves asking: “Isn’t there anything other than Uber?”

The transportation network app found itself in hot water when it came out that CEO Travis Kalanick would serve on President Donald Trump’s Business Advisory Council. Soon after, in late January, Uber lowered surge prices during a taxi workers’ strike at JFK airport, a move seen as effectively turning its drivers into scabs.

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West Philly's The Workshop School joins this year’s Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby

Every year, the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby welcomes a crew of visionaries to create people-powered vehicles that run on both ingenuity and creativity. This year, the parade of repurposed bikes and fantastic floats is opening up to a younger demographic. It's usually run by older folks. 

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Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll, University City Dining Days and more popular events to return this summer

The University City District (UCD) has announced that they will bring back several popular events this summer, including Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll, University City Dining Days, and the 40th Street Summer Series. Here’s the UCD sponsored event schedule for Summer 2017 with some more details.

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Philly Remembers 4 Cyclists During Ride of Silence

Four bicyclists have been killed in the Delaware Valley in the last year, and 2017 Ride of Silence attendees will remember them, and all fallen cyclists, on Wednesday, May 17th at 6:45pm.

The purpose of this silent ride is to honor cyclists killed/injured in motor vehicle related accidents and to raise awareness about the rights of cyclists to ride the roads. The ride is being held in Philadelphia for the thirteenth year in a row and in its 15th year since its inception. The ride is open to everyone.

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