News roundup: September 16, 2016

How to attract media attention to your solo social good venture

Think you need a small miracle to get some press coverage on your social good venture? Think again.

For solopreneurs, getting press might be #167 on our to-do lists, but we know it’s good for business. No matter how many Twitter followers you may have, a solid news story by a creditable outlet can get you in front of thousands of people, including decision makers and influencers. Read more.


SEPTA battles Philadelphia before Supreme Court in jurisdiction war over LGBT protections (again)

On Tuesday the Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard oral arguments for the second time in a case over a now-deceased person’s complaints about a since-abandoned SEPTA policy.

SEPTA originally filed suit in 2009, making a responsive strike in what would become a war of litigative attrition between the transit agency and Philadelphia’s Commission on Human Relations. Read more.


Fall Guide: Kensington Gardens

Philly cer­tainly didn’t lack for beer gar­dens this sum­mer. But you know what many city neigh­bor­hoods really need? Gro­cery stores.

Yes, in a city where you can turn down prac­tic­ally any corner and find a place to get hammered, it’s of­ten al­most im­possible to find fresh pro­duce and oth­er whole­some food without a long trip on a SEPTA bus or a costly ride from Uber. Read more.