News Roundup: May 18, 2016


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Taiwanese Dessert Shop Coming to 40th and Ludlow

When walking down South 40th Street over the weekend, we noticed a new sign in the window next door to The Green Line Cafe. A Taiwanese dessert shop is in the works for 32 S. 40th St., the storefront formerly occupied by Dr. Wyatt’s University Herbs. Read more.

Museum Showcases the Vibrant Creativity of Africa

The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s latest offering, “Creative Africa,” features five exhibitions that showcase a broad spectrum of the arts from across the African continent. The centerpiece is “Look Again: Contemporary Perspectives on African Art,” on display through Dec. 4, is a major exhibition drawn from the collection of the Penn Museum. It examines the rich artistic heritage of West and Central Africa, and is designed to acquaint visitors with the diverse styles and functions of African art. Read more.

Today Marks 31 Years Since Philadelphia Police Bombed Its Own Residents

The militarization of American police departments, on display during the Ferguson protests, has roots in numerous strategies for "dealing" with Black activist movements in the '60s and '70s. Few events symbolize the results of this warlike behavior more clearly—and scarily—than when, 31 years to this day, police bombed a West Philadelphia rowhouse occupied by the Black radical, back-to-nature group MOVE. Read more.

Teaching West Philly 4th Graders the Art of Protest with March Against Gun Violence

My mother flew in because I was in the hospital. She shouldn’t pick up and fly in from Trinidad, but she will and tickets were cheap. She’s the 4-foot-something rasta woman who Tony Sopranos our family. She flew to New York and made it to Philly on her own, even though legally she can’t see. How’s that for the queen of mothers? Isis, anyone? Read more.