Introducing Zum cruelty-free soap


We're proud to introduce Indigo Wild's Zum cruelty-free soap to our health & beauty department! While the soaps are made with a goat milk base, all Zum products are cruelty-free. Indigo Wild products are never tested on animals and the organization truly cares about the treatment of their goats. The goats graze on grass, clover, alfalfa, alfalfa hay and legume hay in free range pastures and are never fed meat or soy. Large shelters keep them out of any seasonal elements such as extreme heat, cold or rain and exposure to any pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals is strictly prohibited.

During the winter kidding season, goats are not milked and their kids' are given first access to mom’s milk. Once the kids are big enough to graze on their own, does will return to the milk stream increasing supplies for products. Indigo Wild follows the goats' natural breeding cycle and breeding is done the old-fashioned way as nature intends.

Find Zum soaps for $3.99 ea.