Introducing Co-op Basics


Mariposa buyers are always looking for ways to lower prices without compromising the quality of the products we offer and, to that end, we were delighted to enroll in a new purchasing program through

National Cooperative Grocers

that has allowed us to immediately lower prices on all of our Field Day brand products. Field Day offers a wide array of organic, natural, and non-GMO staple items, such as the pastas, broths, crackers, and paper goods, that will form the foundation of the "Co-op Basics" program we'll be building in 2016 to improve the affordability of Mariposa for all shoppers. In the meantime, enjoy low-priced Field Day products marked with the purple Co-op Basics tag.

Field Day 12-pack Recycled Toilet Paper - was $11.99, now $6.99! 

Field Day Organic Brown Rice Pastas - were $3.29, now $1.99!

Field Day Organic Pasta Sauces - were $3.69, now $2.99!

Field Day Organic Salsas - were $3.49, now $2.99!

Field Day Organic Broths - were $2.99, now $2.29!

...and more! over 25 items in total!