Enter to win a Dinner for Two - an $80 value!


To enter, shop at Mariposa through February 12 and you will receive a raffle ticket from your cashier. Write your name and contact information on the ticket and place it in one of the mason jars on the table by the exit door. One winner will be announced on February 13. One entry per person please!

Products include:

  • Your choice of Martin's chicken sausage or Tofurkey sausage
  • Two Co-op Basics traditional marinara sauce
  • Two pounds organic spaghetti
  • Pint of strawberries
  • Organic cherry tomatoes
  • Organic spinach/arugula mix
  • Fresh tomato
  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Organic balsamic vinegar
  • Metropolitan Bakery baguette
  • Organic brownie mix
  • 3 Chocolove bars
  • Sunbeam beeswax candle