become a working owner!

Working ownership is an optional, but important part of our day-to-day operations. Fill out a work shift interest form in store.  

Why should you be a working owner?

  • Empower yourself - Put your physical labor into something you own, run, and believe in. Be an active participant and decision-maker in your Co-op.
  • Support a community-run business - Help keep Mariposa’s costs down by volunteering your time to the daily operations in the store.
  • Keep Mariposa mission-focused - Join a committee to further Mariposa’s governance, policies, and education and outreach efforts.
  • Connect with your community - Collaborate and engage with 150+ other working member-owners!
  • Receive an additional 10% discount in exchange for your hard work.

How it works

We ask that each working owner dedicate three hours of their time once every four weeks. Each working owner receives training ahead of time with guidance from staff during the first few shifts.

Choose from a few different departments including:

  • Grocery stocking

  • Produce stocking

  • Bulk packing

  • Meat & cheese processing

  • Store set-up and cleaning

  • Committee work