Why is Mariposa important to you?

  • Why did you join Mariposa?
  • What is most important about Mariposa to you?

  • How would you like Mariposa to change?

  • What would you like to keep the same?

  • Where do you see Mariposa in 5 years?

What other experience would make you a good delegate?

  • What other co-ops or similar organizations have you been a member of?

  • Describe work, volunteer, educational, or other life experience related to co-ops, food systems, social justice, environmental issues, or any other experience that you feel would be useful to you on the Board of Delegates at Mariposa.

  • Have you served on any boards in other nonprofits or membership organizations?

What experience at Mariposa would make you a good delegate or officer?

  • What year did you join the co-op?

  • Have you worked any in-store shifts or been part of a committee?

  • Are you a current or former Mariposa board delegate? If so, what do you think have been your major accomplishments?

  • Have you attended an owner meeting before?

  • Have you attended a board meeting before? If so, what was your experience?