One of the reasons why Mariposa Food Co-op is so unique is that all of our owners actively participate in setting policies and making decisions, as stated in Cooperative Principle #2. Elected by and held accountable by Mariposa owners, the Board of Delegates are elected annually to represent the voice and opinions of Mariposa owners. Responsibilities include overseeing and evaluating management, determining patronage refund distribution, reporting on the state of the Co-op, and overseeing bylaws changes. 


The Board's Work

  • Working with Management
    • Oversee and coordinate with the Transitional General Manager to ensure shared goals are being met.
    • Review monthly reports about the Co-op's health including finances, membership, and long term planning.
    • Use a Policy Governance system to monitor and delegate responsibilities.
  • Committees
    • Standing committees are Policy Governance, Board Development/Elections, and Food Justice & Anti-Racism. These committees work on policies to make Board work more efficient and meaningful.
    • In the coming year, the Board hopes to further engage Mariposa member-owners in committee work that supports the Board.
  • Education
    • Work with resources that help the Board to gain skills and knowledge about cooperatives, food systems, anti-oppression work, and more.
    • Engage outside consultants/educators, design skill shares, attend conferences to continue education.