Ways we Give Back

Mariposa is dedicated to supporting our community by donating to organizations that promote health and nutrition, social justice, anti-oppression, and grassroots community involvement.  We typically donate gift cards ranging from $20-$50 to support events hosted by community groups and occasionally sponsor a local event.

Now Accepting Applicants for Round-Up for Change!

Mariposa Food Co-op’s newest initiative, Round-up for Change, allows us to financially support Philly-based organizations, causes, and community groups all year-long thanks to our member-owners and shoppers!

How does it work?

It’s easy! Shoppers simply “round-up” their purchase to the nearest dollar amount, then the Co-op donates the extra change to a different organization or group, each month.

Who receives the donations?

Mariposa will be focused on giving back to Philly organizations/groups and causes whose objectives include one of the following:

  • Promotes nutritious foods and healthy diets.
  • Promotes food justice and/or social justice.
  • Encourages environmental responsibility.
  • Serves as a cooperative organization.
  • Serves Mariposa’s immediate neighborhood and community
  • Supports local education initiatives.
  • Promotes and contributes to urban agriculture and/or the local food economy.
  • Promotes grassroots, community organizing and development.

How can groups apply?

Applications will be accepted now through Monday, August 13th. Round-Up for Change will launch September 1st!