We're changing our bylaws!

Provide feedback on the Board's current draft to ensure it best reflects your thoughts and Mariposa's well-being. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. Select one, all or none of the options provided. No question is required. 

Mariposa is governed, in part, by an elected Board of Delegates. Elected by Mariposa owners, the Board oversees and evaluates management, reports on the state of the Co-op, oversees bylaws changes, and approves the budget.

Board meetings are open to all owners and occur on the first Monday of every month from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Agendas and location are posted in store ahead of the meeting. 

How to serve on the Board  

Mariposa encourage all owners to participate in the elections to help us shape the future of our food co-op. A minimum of nine and maximum of 13 delegates sit on the Board and elections occur every March. Board positions and terms are:


(1 year term)

Schedules and facilitates Board and Ownership meetings.


Committee Delegates

(2 year term)

Represents Board committees (FJAR, Strategic Planning, Staff Collective) and reports on committee meeting agendas, minutes, and projects.

Convener Elect

(1 year term)

Assists Convener with assigned duties and facilitation. The Convener Elect will become the Convener the following term if in good standing.



(2 year term)

Records all minutes of Board and Ownership meetings and holds official documents of the Co-op.


(2 year term)

Monitors and reports on finances, serves on the Finance Committee, and assists with preparation of the budget and other financial decisions.


At Large Delegates

(3 year term)

Represents the interests of the Ownership as a whole and works on various Board projects and initiatives.


Meet our 2016-2017 Board of Delegates

Front, left to right: Ari Rosenberg, Atiya Ola, Maggie Harrison, Alison Miner, Morgan Robinson Back, left to right: Jonah Hudson, Abdul-Aliy Muhammad, Michaela Holmes, Liz Gross, Clayton Ruley, Lena Buford, Irit Reinheimer

Front, left to right: Ari Rosenberg, Atiya Ola, Maggie Harrison, Alison Miner, Morgan Robinson
Back, left to right: Jonah Hudson, Abdul-Aliy Muhammad, Michaela Holmes, Liz Gross, Clayton Ruley, Lena Buford, Irit Reinheimer


Member since: 2014
Favorite product at Mariposa: Equal Exchange’s Love Buzz Coffee
Term: 2016 – 2017

Michaela Holmes, Convener

Michaela was raised on a farm in rural Oregon. Since then, she has lived in a number of different places – her favorite, of course, is West Philadelphia where she lives with her partner, Scott, their dog, Lou, and their cat, Piper. She studied Organizational Change Management at the New School in New York and is dedicated to supporting cooperative business models, which she believes are a tool for social and economic change. Michaela is the Director of Cooperative Development at the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance.

Member since: 2014
Favorite product at Mariposa: Equal Exchange’s Love Buzz Coffee
Term: 2016 – 2017

Abdul-Aliy, Convener Elect

Abdul-Aliy grew up in the neighborhood that surrounds Mariposa and has been involved in the cooperative community since 2014. In addition to their work with Mariposa’s Board, Abdul-Aliy works tirelessly to dismantle systems forged by anti-black racism. Abdul-Aliy identifies as Queer and uses they/them pronouns.

Member since: 2013
Favorite product at Mariposa: Scallions
Term: 2016 – 2017

Morgan Robinson, Treasurer

Morgan has been a working member at Mariposa since 2013, when she moved to Philadelphia from Detroit. As Treasurer, Morgan works with the Board, finance committee, and staff/management to ensure the co op’s fiscal well-being. In her non co-op time, Morgan herds data and makes maps; and very occasionally tends to her container garden.

Member since: 2011
Favorite product at Mariposa: Local popcorn
Term: 2016 – 2018

Ari Rosenberg, Secretary

Ari became obsessed with cooperatives while co-founding the faire bande a part housing cooperative in Lewiston, Maine in 2007.  After moving to Philly, in 2011, she quickly became a member of Mariposa and was excited to join the board in 2015. When not in meetings you can find her out in a garden or riding her bicycle.

committee delegates

Member since: 2015
Favorite product at Mariposa: Tofurky Italian Sausage
Term: 2016-2017

Jonah Hudson, Staff Collective Delegate

Jonah has worked in the Food Justice community in Philadelphia since 2010, has worked with other organizations such as Weavers Way and UNI. They’ve worked with Mariposa since 2014, their passions are Food Justice and Accessibility. Outside of work, they love cooking in the kitchen, creating unique dishes.

Member since: 2008
Favorite product at Mariposa: Raw Milk
Term: 2015 – 2017

Maggie Harrison, Food Justic & Anti Racism (FJAR) Delegate

Maggie enjoys working with young people as a mentor, teacher, or nurse and developed a die-hard commitment to racial justice through Quakerism. Besides family, their driving force is art, color, and community.

Member since: 2004
Favorite product at Mariposa: Karoun Dairies Labneh and Acure Facial Scrub
Term: 2016-2018

irit reinheimer, strategic planning delegate

Irit is an filmmaker and activist who has lived in West Philly for over a decade. As a working member of Mariposa, she has served several roles including, New Member Orientation Leader, Education Committee Delegate, and Strategic Planning Committee Convener. Irit is currently the Communications Assistant at the Leeway Foundation, and a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace Artist Council.

at large delegates

Member since: 2015
Favorite product at Mariposa: Colby cheddar cheese
Term: 2015 – 2017

Clayton ruley

A life long Philadelphian, Clayton has been involved in the cooperative community since 2015 and is currently serving as an at large board delegate at Mariposa Food Co-op. In addition to his board work with Mariposa, Clayton is a social worker and administrator at Prevention Point Philadelphia, a social service agency based in the Kensington section of the city. Currently, Clayton lives in Southwest Philadelphia with his two dogs, Foster and Change.

Member since: 1981
Favorite product at Mariposa: Chilly Philly Ice Cream
Term: 2015 – 2017

Liz gross

Liz loved her member-owner work shift for many years before she became part of the co-op staff over four years ago.. Currently she works in the Grocery department and as a manager-on-duty. She is still interested in the member-owner working program, and in figuring out how to get more member-owners involved.

Member since: 2009
Favorite product at Mariposa: Those amazing, can’t-stop-eating-em corn nuts
Term: 2015 – 2017

Lena Buford

Lena lives with her husband, two giant dogs, two cool cats, and three crazy chickens on a little urban farm on Cobb’s Creek.  She was on the expansion and finance committees before joining the board last year for a 2-year term.  She’s a bean-counter by day, and otherwise enjoys reading, writing, photography, and lying in hammocks for long periods of time. She loves Mariposa and firmly believes that West Philly is the best Philly.

Member since: 1994
Term: 2016 – 2019

Atiya Ola

Atiya Ola is the owner of Atiya Ola's Spirit Foods on 45th and Baltimore Avenue. Her restaurant serves vegetarian, vegan, and raw foods.