It's Election Season!

One of the reasons why Mariposa Food Co-op is so unique is that all of our owners actively participate in setting policies and making decisions, as stated in Cooperative Principle #2. Elected by and held accountable by Mariposa owners, the Board of Delegates are elected annually to represent the voice and opinions of Mariposa owners. Responsibilities include overseeing and evaluating management, reporting on the state of the Co-op, overseeing bylaws changes, and approving the budget. 

Mariposa's election process begins on Monday, January 23 when nominations open. This is a great way for owners to get more involved with our organization.

Submit a nomination

This year, Mariposa owners will elect five (5) delegates. One (1) staff delegate will be nominated by Mariposa staff and confirmed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of owners. We encourage all owners to submit nominations and/or consider nominating themselves.

Nominations will open Monday, January 23. Please note, board nominees will not run as a specific role on the board, as voted on by Mariposa owners on December 3, 2016. Once elected, the Board will internally appoint members to a specific role

It is strongly advised all nominees attend the Board Meeting on Monday, February 6 or Monday, March 6. All nominees should expect to submit a candidate statement by Wednesday, February 22 and attend the Meet the Candidates meeting on Saturday, March 25. 


Mariposa Board of Delegates must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • A Mariposa owner

*All candidates must state any potential conflicts of interest. 

Board Focus

During the 2017 - 2018 year, the Board will focus on:

  • Aligning Mariposa's growth with our mission and values
  • Committee structures, including:
    • Appointing a Food Justice & Anti Racism committee delegate
    • Creating an Expansion Committee
  • Engaging new and existing owners
  • Amending aspects of our Policy Register
  • Creating a structure to hold each other accountable
  • Updating the Articles of Incorporation
  • Strengthening board recruitment, training and the election process


Board members should expect to:

  • Attend Board meetings the first Monday of every month. Note, the April 17 and May 8 Board meetings are mandatory for newly elected Board of Delegates.
  • Dedicate 6 hours (approximately) per month.
  • Participate in owner meetings (2 times per year minimum).
  • Adhere to Mariposa’s bylaws and commit to the seven cooperative principles.
  • Work within a Policy Governance board model.



For the first time, Mariposa owners will have the option to vote online! Voting begins on Saturday, March 25 at the Meet the Candidates Meeting. RSVP to the meeting.