So, You Think You Know How to Wash Your Hands?


What you need to know about hand hygiene.

Traveling Germs

We all touch our faces without even realizing it. While we love your beautiful faces, we don’t love sharing all the germs that come from the eyes, nose and mouth. Germs love to travel and their favorite pit stops on their way to your nervous system include door knobs, keyboards, phones, handrails, shopping carts and hand baskets. Basically, everything we touch all day long.

How To

Washing your hands sufficiently involves soap, water and your attention. Don’t make it an after thought, pay attention to what you’re doing! Start with a dollop of soap and wet hands. Rub together vigorously to create friction, this will lift bacteria off the skin. Scrub in between fingers, underneath nails and the backs of your hands too. Make sure there’s nowhere for bacteria to hide! Rinse off soap and dry with a clean towel or air dry.

DO use clean, running water! Standing water can trap bacteria.

DON’T worry about the temperature. Cold or hot water will effectively remove dirt, bacteria and soil from your hands. No need to scald or freeze your hands if you’re sensitive!

DO sing a song. 20 seconds is the optimal time it should take you to properly wash your hands. Singing “Happy Birthday” makes a perfect stopwatch while you scrub your way to health.

(Other favorites include: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and the “Alphabet Song.” Mix it up!)

DON’T think simply rinsing your hands under the sink will be sufficient. Clean hands need friction + soap.

DO save on paper towels. Follow Joe Smith's instructions.

This post was adapted from the EO blog.